Mr Owl bag and other fluffy creations
My life is filling up with fluffy stuff, in various forms. I have been spinning, knitting, weaving and, most recently, making bags out of (accidentally) shrunken sweaters. You'll know if you've ever put a favourite woollen item in a hot wash that garments come out more felted than knitted. These are ideal for turning into fabric accessories. Mary-Anne and I have been working on samples, in preparation for a workshop we are both running at The Crafters this afternoon. I'll focus on the chopping and Mary-Anne will instruct on the more specialised side - embroidery and embellishment.

Mary-Anne potato printing onto cotton using water-based acrylic ink with a fabric-printing medium. We had great fun that day with potatoes, metal stamps and Indian wood blocks. More on those projects to come.
Mary-Anne and I have been getting together on a weekly basis to do arty/crafty things, as well as chat and eat homemade cakes. We even made it out for a drive in her gorgeous little Fiat 100 "Pixie" last week, losing one of the L-plates in a gust of wind on the Beauly straight. A small price to pay for freedom, I do believe.

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